Sri Lanka is a small teardrop island South of India and is an ever increasingly popular holiday destination due to it’s diversity. The people are incredibly warm and friendly, the surf is consistent year round, the food is insane, it’s budget friendly to stay there for a looooong time, there are palm trees and fresh coconuts everywhere you look, you can count on a good cup of tea and the place is full of serendipity and surprises around every corner.

Location: Sri Lanka

Client: Billabong
Location: Barbados

Client: Corona x Parley
Location: Maldives, Bali, Chile, Mexico, and Australia
Director:Morgan Maassen
DP: Will Adler
2nd DP: Andrew Schoener, Blake Myers
Scuba DP: Andrew Schoener
Digital Tech: Andrew Schoener, Blake Myers

SeaVees Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook. Palm Springs, California.
Photo & Video: Will Adler and Andrew Schoener. Music by Dick Stusso.