A new surf film featuring Brendon Gibbens.

Editor: Blake Myers
Producer: Beren Hall
Filmed by:
Andrew Schoener
Tom Jennings
Beren Hall
Dave Fox
Mike Pagen
Blake Myers
Jason Hearn
Shane Fletcher
Jason Blanchard
Perry Gershkow

Chapter 11
When quiksilver went bankrupt the title wrote itself. i wanted to put out a video telling the story, because i thought it was different than what people might imagine,,,, i didnt have ill intentions, just wanted to tell the story, but it sounded petty, so i shifted focus, dug deeper, one interview turned to 2...3...4...5... one trip to 6... by the end i couldnt tell if i made something great or the biggest pile of shit known to man, really felt like one or the other,,,, showed a few friends and they gave me enough confidence to release it.... i'm stoked to get it out there... response seems good. if u watched it, regardless of what u got out of it, thanks for giving it 30 minutes of your life.

-Dane Reynolds

The Dill & Beeg Project
Friday night in Venice, California I sat and watched this movie at the premiere that Dillon Perillo and Brendon Gibbens hosted. Brendon was nervous. Dillon was nervous. And it was pretty rad to see them put the whole night on by themselves. They handed out drink tickets themselves. Said hello to family and friends, did a strange, off the cuff intro to the film together — which ended up being charming and sick — and then the lights went down and they hit play.

By the end of the first section, I was in awe! The boys had found some of the world’s biggest ramps and hit them with authority. It felt raw, but also stylish. Off beat, but damn strong. Both their styles are so good, and this vid shows that they can tweak it when they want. The film felt like them: a great representation of two dudes who don’t want to compete, but want to rip across the world. And for my money, especially for a regular-footer, this is the best release in a long time: no frills, just really well-documented surfing, produced incredibly well. It’s your pop-in-right-before-leaving-for-the-beach vid.

Watch The Dill and Beeg Project now and bookmark this one for multiple viewings.

—Travis Ferré (What Youth)

I emailed a friend of mine a link to ‘SAMPLER’ the other day to see what he thought and he texted me back that it was ‘pretty cool.’ i said ‘that doesn’t sound very enthusiastic.’ and he wrote back that it was ‘a little too b sidey for me.’ then the next day he sent a long winded explanation saying he just expected more. i wrote back 'that text leaves me more confused than before, so your saying you were just disappointed? i don’t really care i like it… it’s b sides whatever i’m not gonna force people to watch it or pay for it so if they’re disappointed then fuck em’

man… expectations, what a stoke killer. every time you do something, the expectation is that whatever you do next has to be better. do you understand how unsustainable that is? the pressure caused by this principle has stressed me out, burned me out, i eventually cracked, hid out, dropped out, turned away... but then it get’s to a point where you’re just like ‘fuck it.’ that’s when i’ve done my best surfing. when there is a complete absence of consideration for what people expect.

so here’s SAMPLER, which is a collection of surfing i’ve done the past year that didn’t make it into ‘cluster.’ so yeah, it is ‘b sidey’ but that is not a disclaimer, i’m proud of it. every moment can’t be your best, the waves aren’t always perfect, the more you expect the more your disappointed, do what you can with what you’ve got, surfing’s an art, there’s no winner and no loser, no right or wrong way to do it, there’s a big difference between saying ‘fuck it’ and genuinely feeling it, and as much as i wish it did, writing it on my boards doesn’t really make me feel it, and i have to say that for the most part, while filming the past year, i was aware that i was one of the oldest guys in the movie with a reputation to defend, and that is not the right frame of mind to surf your best. or feel your best, or be yourself… but seriously… fuck it, forget what your sponsors expect, what viewers expect, expect nothing, do your best, clear your mind, be present, turn off, tune out, drop in.

or as ethan fowler says it ‘do what you want, do it well, or, if you don’t want to do it well, don’t do it well, just do it how you do it, and that shit shines through a thousand times brighter’

-Dane Reynolds

Boiler Boys
Boilers is the most consistent wave in the popular surf region of taghazout, morocco. a boiler deposited in the lineup from a shipwreck marks the takeoff spot, hence the name ‘boilers.' there’s a group of fisherman who live just above the high tide line in some jenky rooms built in to the cliff that someone told us they call ‘the boiler boys.’ whether or not this is true is irrelevant… despite it’s pretty water color and scenic lanscape, ‘boilers’ is far from perfect. the reef is uneven and the crowd is thick making it hard to feel any rhythm while surfing. basically, in short, it’s fun but it’s not the wave you go there for, so after a few underwhelming swells for the first 10 days of our 2 week trip, ‘boiler boys’ was a sarcastic sentiment we’d use for surfing ~ ‘where should we surf this afternoon?’ ‘boiler boys!’ as if there was another option… we were the boiler boys… then,,, finally the swell came together and we got what we came for. anyways,,, that’s the story, watch the video for a more fulfilling experience.

Novelty loves company. And there’s no better company than the powerful regular foot duo of Yadin Nicol and Dillon Perillo. And no better novelty than a good ‘ol fashion tropical wedge. So watch these two undeniably electric factors come to a junction in Andrew Shchoener’s newest edit aptly titled BUTTER. It’s the creamiest of the crop and will deliver to you the highest levels of enjoyment (without all the fat!).

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Floating by Trevor Gordon, Ryan Burch, Spencer Gordon and Travers Adler
Special Effects by Johanese Gamble and Casey Price
Edited by Shelby Menzel
Directed by Foster Huntington
Filmed by Will Adler, Erin Feinblatt, Andrew Schoener And Foster Huntington
Music by Les Difficilies de Petion-Ville, "An Septiemo"